The Supergen Network+ needs input and engagement from across disciplines and sectors. We will regularly deliver activities for ensure stakeholder engagement and knowledge transfer throughout all our work streams over the coming years. We would welcome discussions, your advice and thoughts on any activities that our community members believe should be given focus. The types of activities that we are planning at present include but are not limited to:

  • Creating a successful Early Career Researchers forum focusing in advancing and nurturing ECRs.
  • Delivering/facilitating opportunities for ECRs to discuss the current barriers they face in advancing their careers in energy storage.
  • Organising events, lectures, workshops, seminars, research exchanges and secondments. Joint events with UK research institutes.
  • Brokering relationships between different energy storage stakeholder groups.
  • Providing access to a high number of specialized laboratories and demonstrator facilities in the UK and internationally in the area of energy storage and its applications in energy network.

Contact us to become part of our energy storage community and gain access to our network and partners’ facilities.