Supergen ECR Panel Presentation/Flash Talk

The COP26 UN climate change conference is occurring in November 2021. In preparation for this the Supergen group for sustainable power generation and supply (funded by EPSRC) is organising a collaborative meeting for researchers, policymakers and people in industry to discuss steps the UK can take to mitigate climate change.

The Supergen group consists of 6 Hubs – energy storage, networks, solar, bioenergy,  offshore renewable energy , and hydrogen. This meeting will help with cross collaborative ideas on how the UK can mitigate climate change from an energy perspective, helping to inform policymakers, academia and industry on the direction of the UK’s energy future.

There will also be a cross Hub collaborative early career researcher (ECR) session with panels of early career researchers, young energy professionals, and early career people based in policy. The aim of this session will be to gather ideas from an early career perspective, producing a white paper documenting discussion and ideas from these sessions. There will be 3 sessions, split into the following topics:

  • Greening the economy and society
  • The future of sustainable transport
  • Securing a global transition to clean energy

These sessions will begin with some short talks, and be followed by a panel discussion.

We would like to invite you to present or be part of the panel to give your views on how your area of research relates to one of the above topics. And, in addition to ideas you have for the future of your area of research and how it can help support delivering net zero. 

PLease register your interest here.

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