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Ultracapacitors and the energy transition: Unlocking new possibilities through innovation

Wednesday 30th September @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Safe, reliable energy storage devices, capable of high-power charging and discharging with long cycle life: ultracapacitors can bring many benefits to the world’s transition to clean energy.

Industry attention regarding storage technologies has been mainly focused on batteries and especially lithium-ion, but ultracapacitors can work alongside batteries and other energy storage devices – and in some cases replace them – and open up new energy storage applications.

In this upcoming Energy-Storage.news webinar, EIT InnoEnergy and its ecosystem partners will shed new light on the case for ultra-capacitors, the latest breakthroughs and the main segment areas – such as automotive, transportation, power generation and distribution, and industrial applications that include cranes, elevators, data centres or Internet of Things (IOT) devices – where they can play an essential or even game-changing role to help build a more efficient and sustainable future.

The webinar will be a mix of presentations and a roundtable-style discussion, with an audience Q&A session at the end. Johan Söderbom, Thematic Field Leader for Smart Grids & Energy Storage at EITInnoEnergy, Europe’s leading player in sustainable and renewable energy innovation, will introduce the potential advantages of ultracapacitors and discuss how the remaining challenges could be overcome.

More information can be found here.

Johan will be joined by Thomas Houareau, Vice President of Consulting in Frost & Sullivan’s energy and sustainability practice, who will focus on the fundamental drivers for adopting ultracapacitors in key market segments.

Brief presentations will be followed by a roundtable discussion on the applications and potential of ultracapacitors: we will hear end-customer perspectives as well as from representatives of two innovative ultracapacitor makers. Egert Valmra, Programme Director at Skeleton Technologies and Ludovic Eveillard, General Manager and Founder at NAWA Technologies will join EIT InnoEnergy’s Johan Söderbom, along with Johan Hellsing, Senior Technical Specialist for Electric Propulsion Systems at passenger car development centre CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology AB) .

We will also discuss scaling-up, cost reduction, learn about the challenges that still remain and find out how innovative companies are working to overcome them.

Why should you attend the webinar?

  • Gain insight on the fast pace of breakthroughs that ultracapacitors have been able to achieve already and how they can serve as a key energy storage technology for both environmental and cost reasons
  • Understand the range of applications they can be used for and how they fit into the industry landscape
  • Get inspired on how ultracapacitors could team up with batteries and other storage technologies as hybrid solutions to overcome some of the current challenges