Hydrogen Storage in Caverns – 12th April 2021

The Supergen Energy Storage Network+ is organising a joint workshop with the Geological Society London and ERA. The event programme can be found here.
12th April 2021, 10:00 – 15:00 BST

There is broad consensus that hydrogen will have a major role to play in the collective move towards Net Zero. One major element of that role is very likely to be the provision of flexibility over very long timescales – possibly in the order of a month or upwards. Achieving high penetrations of renewables will demand the re-introduction of flexibility that was previously provided at almost zero cost from fossil-fuelled generation. Some loads already use hydrogen directly. Others such as heavy goods transportation and steel production may possibly become major hydrogen consumers in the future. High capacity storage enables the supply to feed-in and loads to draw-out at greatly different times. Hydrogen storage may also enable the backup generation of electricity at times when renewable resources are low. This event will probe some of the key issues around storing hydrogen in caverns. This event is expected to be complementary to activities being undertaken on the “mainstream” aspects of hydrogen technology such as improved-performance/cost electrolysis (including photo-catalysed electrolysis), hydrogen storage at small scale in tanks, metal-hydrides and metal-organic-frameworks, fuel-cells and hydrogen-to-ammonia conversion.

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