A global assessment of net zero targets by The Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit and Oxford Net Zero

Taking Stock: A global assessment of net zero targets

In the report Taking Stock: A global assessment of net zero targets it is presented what is, the first quantitative analysis of net zero commitments across countries, sub-national governments and major companies. Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit teamed up with Oxford Net Zero, and surveyed more than 4,000 significant entities: all nations; all states and regions in the 25 highest-emitting countries; all cities with a population above 500,000; and all companies in the Forbes Global 2000 list.

Together, jurisdictions with net zero targets now represent at least:

Percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, GDP and population covered by national net zero pledges.

It was found that already 61% of countries, 9% of states & regions in the largest emitting countries and 13% of cities over 500k in population have now committed to net zero. Of the world’s 2,000 largest public companies, at least one-fifth (21%) now have net zero commitments, representing annual sales of nearly $14 trillion. A majority of these companies also have interim targets, a published plan and a reporting mechanism, with just over a quarter meeting a full set of ‘robustness criteria’.

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Taking Stock presents a long-overdue ‘opening snapshot’ of net zero that will allow the robustness of targets to be tracked and assessed over time. Download the full report here to find out more.