Decarbonisation pathways for South Wales

Regen, along with project partners Western Power Distribution (WPD) and Wales & West Utilities, worked together to develop an integrated approach to electricity and gas scenario planning, funded by the Network Innovation Allowance.

The analysis produced a set of joint electricity and gas net zero 2050 scenarios covering WPD and Wales & West Utilities’ shared distribution network region in South Wales, and explores a range of possible futures for our electricity and gas distribution networks.  The main output of the project is a dataset of scenario projections provided to inform network planning and investment for WPD and Wales & West Utilities. You can find out more about the project here.

A summary report accompanies the dataset and describes key insights from the process, the approach taken in the analysis and the key assumptions and methodologies used for each technology and sector, as well as an overview and commentary of the results.

A separate learning report has been produced focusing on the learnings from developing an integrated approach to DFES and recommendations for further development.

Net Zero South Wales Data Report

Net Zero South Wales Learning Report

More information can be found here.