E.On secures £3.9m for ‘smart, personalised and sustainable’ heat pump pilot project

E.On has secured £3.9 million to instal heat pumps around Newcastle, as one of the winning schemes forming part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS’s) ‘Electrification of Heat’ project.

Together with Newcastle City Council, the company will install 250 heat pumps in suitable homes across Newcastle-upon-Tyne in an effort to tackle the barrier to their adoption.

“Working with BEIS and Newcastle City Council, we’ll demonstrate that heat pumps are one of the smart, personalised and sustainable solutions that will help us in meeting that challenge.”

The heat pumps will be installed alongside a range of innovative secondary technologies, such as thermal stores, said E.On. The project will help to demonstrate what is needed for a more widescale rollout of heat pumps.

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