Call for data – UK Energy Storage Observatory

We are pleased to inform you that the UK Energy Storage Observatory (UKESTO) is now live.

Led by Dr Jonathan Radcliffe, Reader in Energy Systems Policy at the University of Birmingham, UKESTO showcases national energy storage innovation, describing energy storage facilities in the UK through an interactive map and providing data from test beds.

A deliverable of the MANIFEST project (EP/N032888/1), UKESTO facilitates the dissemination of information from energy storage capital grant facilities, maximising the value from those investments. UKESTO provides a way to share data between facilities and others, with the opportunity to assess energy storage technology options side-by-side. This allows the identification of gaps and to inform future policy and innovation decisions.

Our vision for UKESTO is that it continues to grow, tracking the development of more energy storage facilities and providing access to data from these facilities where possible.

After initially focusing on facilities from within the MANIFEST consortium, we are inviting the wider community to share:

  • Information on an energy storage facility via our interactive map.
  • Experimental data from an energy storage facility or test bed via our database.

If you are interested in using UKESTO for either of these purposes or see other opportunities for collaboration, please contact Omar Saeed in the first instance for an informal discussion on the process.

UKESTO received further funding from the EPSRC through the Supergen Energy Storage Network+. Funded by the EPSRC, the Supergen Network+ is an integrated, forward-looking platform that supports, nurtures the expertise of the energy storage community, disseminating it through academia, industry, and policy. The core partnership consists of 19 investigators from 12 UK institutions, all focused on the wider advancement, exchange and dissemination of energy storage expertise. A further 100 organisations from the UK and abroad have pledged their support for the network.