Research Associate in Crossbow Project




£32,816 to £40,322 per annum, depending on relevant experience

Job reference: SAE-15481
Location: Sackville Street, Manchester
Closing date: 01/07/2020
Salary: £32,816 to £40,322 per annum, depending on relevant experience
Employment type: Fixed Term
Department: Science and Engineering
Division: Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Hours per week: Full Time
Contract Duration: From 1st August 2020 until 31st October 2021

The Power and Energy Division of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK is looking for a Research Associate to work on research project funded by the EU H2020 project “Cross border management of variable renewable energies and storage units enabling a transnational wholesale market (CROSSBOW)”.

This multi-partner, multi-million euros, research project is a TSO driven project with two interrelated and equally important strategic goals: i)  successfully deploying in the market, within a 24 months horizon after project completion, of a set of technological solutions which enable increasing the shared use of resources to foster transmission networks cross-border management of variable renewable energies and storage units, making possible a higher penetration of clean energies whilst reducing network operational costs and improving economic benefits of RES and storage units; ii) to have a significant impact in the commercial operation and innovation activities of the consortium – with a planned ROI for the partners of less than 36 months after full deployment and commercialisation of CROSSBOW products and services starts- and the European sector at large, contributing to the creation of more than 70.000 jobs, the access to better quality energy services of over 57 million citizens and businesses, the saving of 3 MTons of GHG and , and the increase of 10% in the share of RES (15,2 TWh), among other impacts. The achievement of these strategic goals will involve the four aspects addressed by LCE-04-2017, as it will demonstrate a number of different technologies offering TSOs increased grid flexibility and robustness through: 1) A better control of cross-border balancing energy at interconnection points; 2) new storage solutions – distributed and centralized-, offering ancillary services to operate Virtual Storage Plants (VSP); 3) better ICT and Communications -e.g. better network observability, enabling flexible generation and Demand Response schemas; 4) the definition of a transnational wholesale market, proposing fair and sustainable remuneration for clean energies though the definition of new business models supporting the participation of new players – i.e. aggregators – and the reduction of costs.

Within the CROSSBOW project, the particular focus of the Research Associate position will be on:

– assisting with organising field experiments and analysis of recorded data for validating the effect of Demand Side Management (DSM) on operation of large interconnected power systems as well as on further development of  probabilistic framework to study the influence of multi-level Demand Side Management (DSM) dynamic performance of large interconnected power systems.

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