Research Associate in Industrial Carbonisation



We are seeking an excellent and motivated postdoctoral research associate to work on project for the UK’s industrial decarbonisation research and innovation centre (IDRIC, This particular project aims to develop an open-source toolkit for the optimal planning and design of decarbonisation options for the UK’s six largest industrial clusters. The toolkit will optimise the roll-out of the decarbonisation options for each cluster over the coming decades based on cluster characteristics and needs. The optimisation will be in monetary and greenhouse gas reduction terms and may include such options as hydrogen production and use, CO2 capture, utilisation and storage, electrification, energy integration and efficiency as well as the transport of energy vectors and waste streams. A critical element is the dissemination to the clusters and industries (training) so they can use the toolkit to their benefit in their journey to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. This is a joint project of Heriot Watt University and Imperial College London, where Heriot Watt will mainly focus on developing the component models for the decarbonisation models that will be implemented in the toolkit. This may involve information gathering and appraisal on the costs and performance of decarbonisation options, and/or the generation of such information using process models (or other engineering approaches) and techno-economic analysis. The PDRA will work closely with the Imperial College researchers who will develop the toolkit backbone (optimisation framework) and the life cycle assessment functionality. The PDRA will be involved in the integration of these three elements into one smoothly functioning and powerful toolkit for the UK clusters.

There are also opportunities to participate in our other projects in CO2 capture, utilisation (and storage) and negative emission technologies ( as we have a strong and continuously expanding portfolio of cutting-edge research projects.

The successful applicant must hold a PhD (or about to obtain) in chemical/mechanical/environmental engineering, or related discipline with background in decarbonisation, energy/industry system analysis and modelling and/or techno-economic analysis. Independent working and demonstrated ability to develop/lead top-tier academic research, as well as new research projects, is key. The post is available from 1 October 2021 and will run for 14 months, with the option to expand the contract subject to acquisition of new projects.

Contract: fixed term 14 months

For full application details and further information please go to:

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