Joint Flexible Funding - Supergen Energy Storage Network+ and Henry Royce Institute


Closing date: 12/09/2022

The call for proposals for our Joint Flexible Funding (Supergen Energy Storage Network+ Henry Royce Institute) is now open.

The Supergen Energy Storage Network+ and the Henry Royce Institute have come together to support the development of novel long duration energy storage (LDES) technologies. Novel LDES can be broadly classified into mechanical, thermal, electrochemical, and chemical storage. While this call does not exclude Lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen, and large-scale pumped Hydro based solutions, the focus is on novel technologies that can fulfil the flexibility space beyond these and other short-duration storage technologies.

Expressions of Interests (EoIs) are sought for a piece of work that will utilise the Royce’s facilities to deliver research that supports the development of novel long duration energy storage (LDES) technologies.

The Royce offers industry and academia the capability to make, test and characterise materials, components and systems. Over £150m of equipment is available, easy to access and technically supported. Browse the catalogue or contact the Royce to discuss how their capabilities can support your specific challenge, opportunity or R&D programme.

A total of £30,000 is available in the current round of funding. The maximum funding available by Supergen Network+ is £10,000 (at 80% FEC) per project. Only one submission per applicant is permitted. The use of the Royce equipment is available without charge (up to a limit of £5000 per project TRAC costs, Royce equipment usage at your host institution is not eligible), subject to confirmation of technical feasibility by Royce staff. The anticipated usage should be discussed with Royce staff prior to application, but significant flexibility is anticipated to best meet the needs of the project.

Applications enhancing the equality, diversity and inclusivity performance of the host institution and the energy storage community more broadly are especially encouraged.

To apply, please:

Read our detailed Call Guidance and application form

Complete the application form, save it in the formats specified in the Call Guidance and return to Supergen team by the deadline of 18:00 on 12 September 2022.

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