Hydrogen Storage in Caverns 2022

March 14th, 2022


Energy storage is going to be absolutely central to the timely achievement of Net Zero. That storage will have to be applied over a vast spectrum of times ranging from fractions of a second to many months – and possibly more than a year.

Storing pure hydrogen in caverns has a vital role to play in this, because the transformations from primary energy to hydrogen and back to usable energy are so relatively straightforward.

This event sets out to explore some of the key challenges involved in deploying the necessary amounts of hydrogen storage in caverns.

Event Summary

The event will start with a keynote review of just how much hydrogen storage we are likely to need in the UK – many tens of TWh worth and possibly more.

The workshop will examine:

  • How hydrogen storage blends with large-scale compressed air energy storage and other thermo-mechanical energy storage solutions much better suited to shorter timescales than hydrogen.

  • The potential in the UK for making salt caverns to store hydrogen

  • The technical challenges of storing hydrogen in caverns

  • Examination of case studies of hydrogen storage in caverns 

The workshop will conclude with a panel session comprising experts from academia and industry.

Register today for Hydrogen Storage in Caverns

We are running Hydrogen Storage in Caverns as a hybrid event. It will be taking place in person at The Geological Society in London on Monday 14th March from 9.30am to 4pm, but you can also join online if you are unable to attend in person. Both events are free to attend.

The Geological Society is at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BG

Register in person here to attend the event in person at the Geological Society

Register here for the online event only.

Event Programme

09.00  Arrival and Refreshments

09.30 Welcome and Introductions

Morning presentations on:

Re-tasking methane cavities for H2 - Rene Schneider, Deep KBB GmbH 

The need for H2 storage - Dr. Grant Wilson from Birmingham University 

Hydrogen Storage in Underground Lined Rock Shafts – Sally Molyneux from Gravitricity & Dr. Anastasios Stavrou from ARUP

Electrolysis at elevated pressures – suited to charging caverns - Speaker TBA

12.30 - 13.30  Lunch and Networking

Afternoon presentations on:

The value of hydrogen storage in a future zero-carbon UK - Dr. James Price from UCL 

SSE-Equinor H2 cavern developments at Humberside - Business aspects - SSE 

SSE-Equinor H2 cavern developments at Humberside - Technical aspects - Equinor 

Geology as an enabler and barrier to underground hydrogen storage- Research questions - Dr. Ed Hough from BGS

16.15: Panel session featuring more subject experts.

17.00 Summary and Close

We will be adding presentations and videos from this event onto this page after it has concluded.

Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Event Sponsors

This event is being run by the University of Nottingham in conjunction with our sponsors, the Geological Society, the Supergen for Energy Storage, The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supergen, and the Energy Research Accelerator

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