Time to stop digging? Infrastructure emissions and transport strategy by DecarboN8

March 18th, 2022

Transport’s carbon problem doesn't just come from exhaust pipes – but also from roads and railways themselves. Join us to find out more.

About this event

Investment in infrastructure is needed to deliver a zero-carbon transport system by 2050. But building and maintaining that infrastructure also contributes to climate change. New research from DecarboN8 quantifies carbon emissions from building and maintaining road and rail infrastructure.

This new evidence will help decision makers to incorporate embodied emissions into early-stage strategic planning about what transport infrastructure to build, where, and when. Doing so will help deliver future-proof transport systems which support rather than undermine our climate ambitions.

Join us for the launch of the reports to find out:

  • How will transport infrastructure emissions impact the UK’s carbon ambitions?

  • Why should you factor embodied carbon into strategic decision making?

  • How can transport infrastructure emissions be quantified early in the process?

  • What is the scale of the challenge for material innovation?

  • What does this mean for timing investment in infrastructure?

Stick around for an interactive technical workshop to explore:

  • What next for materials and methods innovation?

  • What evidence and innovation gaps remain?

  • How can we pull through innovations faster into delivery?

Who is this event for?

This event is free and all are welcome to attend. It will be of particular interest to: regional transport bodies, civil servants in DfT and BEIS, decisionmakers at Network Rail and National Highways, politicians and policymakers, local authorities, promoters of transport infrastructure schemes, civil engineers, structural engineers, town planners, consultants, researchers and innovators, and organisations focused on sustainable transport.

Read the research: https://decarbon8.org.uk/embodied-emissions

Agenda: Launch

09:30 Welcome (Chair: Dr Danielle Densley-Tingley, University of Sheffield)

09:35 The scale of the challenge (Professor Kevin Anderson, Universities of Manchester and Uppsala)

09:40 Integrating infrastructure carbon into decision-making (Professor Greg Marsden, University of Leeds)

09:50 The basis for the assessments (Dr Kadambari Lokesh, Ricardo PLC)

10:00 Q&A with report authors

10:10 Panel Q&A: What does this mean for decision-makers?

  • Peter Cole, Transport for the North

  • Transport for Greater Manchester (speaker TBC)

  • Matt Jones, Welsh Government

10:40 BREAK

Agenda: Technical Workshop

10:50 Welcome back & session introduction

10:55 Looking ahead:

  • Janet Dunnet, Network Rail

  • Professor Susan A. Bernal, Transforming Foundation Industries Network

  • Dr Kim Yates, Mott MacDonald

11:10 Interactive activities and discussions

12:30 CLOSE

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/time-to-stop-digging-infrastructure-emissions-and-transport-strategy-registration-272740974597

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