Early Career Researchers

We have created an Early Career Researchers (ECRs) forum to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, problem solving and learning among peers who are engaged in energy storage research. Access to flexible funding, a mentoring programme, workshops, seminars, and other events, will be part of the ECRs forum to facilitate knowledge exchange, identify research gaps, and support career development.

The ECRs forum is available to PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior lecturers (typically that are within 36 months of their first academic lecturing appointment in a UK university). To become a member of the ECRs forum please subscribe here.


We created an ECR committee to give you the opportunity to have more control over the Supergen Network+’s resources to decide how to help the ECR community thrive and develop. ECRs from across the whole energy storage sector applied in October 2020 to be part of our new committee.



Jianing Li, Assistant Professor at University of Birmingham

Dr Jianing Li is an Assistant Professor in Smart Energy Systems. His research interests include electricity market modelling, energy policies, smart grid, distributed energy systems, internet of things and machine learning technology.

Event Lead

Ludmilla Steier, Associate Professor at University of Oxford

Dr Ludmilla Steier is an Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry developing and studying atomically engineered photo- and electrocatalysts for the production of green hydrogen and other energy-dense fuels and chemicals.

Communications Lead

Hui Luo, Research Associate at Imperial College London

Dr Hui Luo is a Research Associate in energy conversion and storage. Her research interests include electrocatalysis, green H2 production, biomass conversion, prototype up-scaling and commercialisation.

Public Engagement Lead

Oluwafunmilola Ola, Leverhulme Early Career and Nottingham Research Fellow at University of Nottingham

Dr Lola Ola is a Senior Research Fellow in energy conversion and storage. Research interests span the design, synthesis and characterization of functional nanomaterials for gas sensing, energy conversion and storage.

Cross-Network Engagement Lead

Amruta P Joshi, Research fellow at University of Birmingham

Dr Amruta Joshi is a Research fellow in Energy Systems and Policy Analysis Group. Her research interests include integration of renewable generation and storage systems, their performance degradation analysis and optimisation for energy efficient and low carbon footprint application.

Membership Development Lead

Binjian Nie, Senior Research Fellow at University of Birmingham

Dr Binjian Nie is a Senior Research Fellow in Thermal/thermochemical Energy Storage. His research interests include thermal/thermochemical energy storage, from materials to systems, and their integrations with wind/solar energy as well as their applications on decarbonizing heating & cooling.

Committee member

Mona Faraji Niri, Assistant Professor at University of Warwick

Dr Mona Faraji Niri is an Assistant Professor (Research Focused) in WMG, University of Warwick. Mona is also Fellow of Alan Turing Institution in Artificial Intelligence and a Researcher of Faraday Institution in Lithium-ion Battery area. Mona is specialised in modelling, control algorithms, machine learning for energy storage systems. Her research interests cover the analytical and data-driven models of Lithium-Ion batteries, battery management systems, load prediction and forecast via artificial intelligence, explainable artificial intelligence, as well as electric vehicle powertrain control.

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