Funding Opportunity: EPSRC/Energy Systems Catapult Whole Energy Systems Scoping Studies

Deadline for proposals: 19th January 2017

£60,000 available per scoping study

The EPSRC Energy theme and the Energy Systems Catapult are inviting eligible UK academics to submit proposals for collaborative scoping studies in the six areas outlined in the full call document. These are:

  1. How could current whole systems energy modelling and scenarios approaches be better used by decision makers to drive policy development?

  2. What is the future of energy system transition analysis?

  3. What methods and approaches could be developed to compare and contrast whole system modelling approaches from leading stakeholders within the energy community?

  4. What approaches and methodologies can be developed to evaluate the impact of different regulatory frameworks, markets and institutions on delivering future energy system transitions?

  5. How could energy be transacted differently? How could this affect fuel poverty and vulnerable customers?

  6. What research methods could be applied to evaluate the implications of bringing together energy system transformation models with waste, air

    quality, legacy housing stock, new build and transport issues to de-carbonise at a city scale?

Up to £500k is available for this Call, with a maximum of £60k (80% FEC) available for each scoping study submitted.

The EPSRC/Energy systems catapult will fund up to eight studies across the six areas identified. Scoping studies are expected to be up to a maximum of nine months in duration and up to £60k (80% FEC) in value. Funding could be used for researcher time, travel, workshops and other engagement activities to further develop consortia and larger programmes of work. Interdisciplinary collaboration and consortia building within applications is strongly encouraged as is partnership and engagement activities with organisations outside of academia e.g. Government, regulators and industry.

Proposals will be assessed using an expert panel which will include key stakeholders and academic/industrial researchers who have an understanding of the Energy space. The outputs of the scoping studies funded will be used to inform a larger call for research (launching late 2017-early 2018) for fundamental research projects designed to undertake deeper studies in the areas identified. All scoping studies which are successfully funded will be expected to attend a one day wrap-up event towards the end of the project duration to present the outcomes and outputs of their research (30 minute presentation +Q&A) to the Energy Systems Catapult and the EPSRC.

To read the full Call document, and to apply, go to

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