Opportunity to participate in a Supergen cross-hub webinar series!

Calling all Supergen Early Career Researchers
Volunteers needed for cross-hub webinar series!

Are you an ECR? We would like to invite you to participate in a new cross-hub webinar series that will allow ECRs from all the Supergen Hubs to connect and share their exciting projects! This will be a great chance to see what research is happening across the whole Supergen network and potentially find some new opportunities for cross-hub collaboration.


We would like to invite anyone interested in taking part in the webinar series to email us by 14th May: [email protected]

For the webinar, you will need to prepare a 5-minute presentation of your Supergen related energy research, bearing in mind that this will be presented to people outside of your discipline.


We do not yet have a firm date for the first webinar but hope to have the first ~1-hour session in May/June. Once we have a list of interested presenters, we will make arrangements. We would like this to become a regular series, covering not just research, but other topics of importance to ECRs. If there is anything you would like to see covered, then please let us know.

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